Future Leaders

In 2008 ICA introduced its Future Leaders Programme (FLP). The Programme allows young e-Government leaders from all over the world to benefit from the ICA community experience and network.

At the 2013 ICA Council meeting, the following amendments to the Future Leader Guidelines were adopted in order to provide an opportunity for all countries to participate:

  • ICA members may make a nomination every three years;
  • Priority will be given to ICA members that have not been awarded as Future Leader previously;
  • Member countries are also encouraged to nominate potential leaders from emerging countries, who are not ICA members, but would benefit from links to the ICA or from countries who are former ICA members.

The FLP pre-requisites include:

  • Candidates must be sponsored by at least one national representative by way of an email letter sent to the ICA Secretariat. The national representative should present the potential candidate in sufficient detail and specify his/her support to this person.
  • The FLP candidate must communicate in writing his/her motivation to take part in the Programme and convince the board that he/she would be an ideal candidate. Candidates must submit his/her letter and CV to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The ICA Secretariat will present the candidates to the ICA Board at its spring meeting. After discussion and comparison with other candidates, the Board will decide on this year’s candidates by simple majority vote.

Requested profile of the candidates:

  • Candidates must have a middle-management position in an e-Government (related) environment, be it at local, regional or national level.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English (speaking and writing).
  • Candidates must be completely free of professional obligations during the period of the conference.

Obligations of selected candidates:

  • FLP fellows will participate as observers (but preferably actively) at the ICA annual conference.
  • All FLP fellows present during the conference will take the floor at the end of the conference to give their personal comments on what was discussed and presented.
  • FLP fellows will report back into their own country to the national head for e-Government matters and be the advocate of ICA.
  • Candidates must have the nationality of the country they represent and have an official address in that country.
  • Candidates must hold a valid passport, and a visa as necessary, to conform to the required conditions for access to the host country of the ICA conference.

Obligations of ICA and FLP Sponsors:

  • ICA will pay all travel (economy airline ticket or if appropriate 2nd class train ticket) hotel and living costs for the FLP fellow to participate to the ICA conference.
  • Sponsors must make sure that the FLP fellow gets all the support needed to make his/her stay professionally as instructive and fruitful as possible.
  • Sponsors will be the preferred interface between the FLP fellow and ICA will ensure that the FLP fellows get the maximum out of their participation.
  • Sponsors must keep contact with their FLP fellow after the conference and report back on him/her to ICA.

ICA maintains the right to change at any time the terms and conditions of this Programme if they feel it is appropriate to do so. In addition, ICA is free to exclude an FLP fellow on the spot in case he/she does not comply with the goals of this Programme.

For further information, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Future Leaders 2015

2015 awarded Future Leaders were Mr. Lourino Chemane from Mozambique and Ms. Daiva Chetcuti-Kirkilaitè from Lithuania.

flp img3 flp img4


ICA Future Leaders:

YearICA Future Leaders
2015 CHEMANE, Mr Lourino
2014 Laura Wesley, Canada
2014 Karin Rits, Estonia
2014 Yu Takaseki, Japan
2013 Hugrún Ösp Reynisdóttir, Iceland
2013 Artur Reaboi, Moldova
2013 Mr. António Bob Santos, Portugal
2013 Gary Simpson, United Kingdom
2012 Laura Simpson, Canada
2012 Eran Carmon, Israel
2012 Erik Jonker, The Netherlands
2011 Phumeza Stuurman, South Africa
2011 Dr. Tzy-Yuan (Dawn) Chou, Taiwan
2011 Emma Gawen, United Kingdom
2010 Simon Thompson, Australia
2010 Benjamin Bienfait, Belgium
2009 Jane Iglesias, Australia
2009 Sarah Roper, United States of America
2008 Matt Lane, New Zealand
2008 Warren Hero, South Africa
2008 Stephen A Ressler, United States of America