2018 Country Reports

Country reports are one of the most important products ICA provides for its member countries. They offer immense value, provoking great discussions at ICA conferences and offering information and learning opportunities for our members. All of the respondents to our ICA member survey said the country reports were useful to them; 80% found the country report process to be effective as well.

They are unique and differentiate ICA from other international organizations. The collection of statistics, trends, insights and analysis in these reports, and the summary report we publish each year, are not available in one place anywhere else. They afford ICA members an invaluable perspective on the status of ICT in government and insights into common areas of national concern.

ICA recognises that your Country Report can duplicate work done elsewhere in completing similar Annual Reports for home consumption. Where this takes place and where agreement is obtained from local authorities for such information to be made available to ICA we would be happy to accept these reports as part or all of your own Country Report.

As we make plans for our 52nd ICA Conference this September in Helsinki, it is time to ask you for your Country Report and your Member Update for the conference. The Country Report is the opportunity for you as a participating nation in the ICA to share your experiences over the past year. Your Member Update is the summary presentation of the Country Report, to be used at the conference.

As is usual with the Country Report, we would ask that you provide an update on work done in your country over the past year. Given the theme of this year’s conference – “Transforming Nations - from e to d to AI” – here are some suggested topics to cover in your Country Report:

  • Efforts on citizen-driven public services through innovation;
  • Use of digital technologies to deliver government services and to provide the best possible (secure, transparent, effective) user experience for the citizens;
  • Inter-ministerial and inter-jurisdictional data exchange and consent management;
  • Private sector engagement in the delivery of digital citizen services;
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the delivery of citizen services, either at the user experience layer or in back-end processing. Please state initial objectives;
  • Key successes in the implementation of your digital strategies and/or AI initiatives;
  • Any lessons learned from having to revisit strategies or implementation during this year because of new technologies or other challenges (human, technical, ethical, societal, legal/policy, etc.);
  • How your digital or AI strategies (if any) have changed for the years to come and key factors considered (e.g. human/cultural, technical, data quality, data availability, etc.).
  • Your areas of strength and areas still to be developed with respect to digital services and AI.

These are suggested areas of discussion for your report. Any and all updates on key activities inside your nation would be welcome reading in your Country Report.

To help new members and delegates, the Country Report could cover:

  1. Brief description of the Government Structure within your country including references to further information. Identify the major organizations that have responsibilities for managing and overseeing the use of information technology within government and any significant changes that have occurred in the past year.
  2. The Strategic Approach towards a digital and even AI Government
    • Has your strategic plan been revised - outline the highlights
    • How are you using targets/goals for service delivery
    • Is the role of the CIO changing?
  3. Organisational Issues
    • Integrated service delivery and cross-government collaboration
    • Measurement of progress in Smart government implementation
    • Global initiatives in training, funding and procurement.
  4. Operational Issues
    • Governance structures to improve service transformation
    • Primary methods of providing information and services to citizens
    • Use of innovative technologies n service provision to citizens.
  5. Any other issues not covered above that you would wish to highlight
    • Other new; innovative or emerging issues (and any problems)
    • Any item you may wish to be included or emphasised on your behalf in the Country Report Summary.

As at past conferences, there will be a presentation of Member Updates at this year’s conference. In a similar manner to recent conferences; each member country representative will be asked to present a brief Member Update. Each country representative will have approximately five minutes to present a summary version of the information in their Country Report, in the form of a short 2-3 slide presentation. The presentation of the Member Updates will be facilitated to try to achieve maximum dissemination of information in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, for the Member Update this year, we ask that you speak to the same themes or topics noted above for the Country Reports, with one caveat. We would like for you to note your top three successes or strengths, as well as your top three challenges or setbacks over the past year. This emphasis will allow the conference team to correlate member strengths and challenges and use this information to help set the topics and speakers for part of the Member Update sessions at this year’s conference.

Your country report along with the the slide presentation can be sent directly to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As this year’s Member Update sessions require extensive preparation we ask that you submit your Country Reports no later than July 25th, 2018

We appreciate your collaboration to complete these key materials for use at this year’s ICA conference and look forward to seeing you in Helsinki in September.