56th ICA Conference

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Registration is now open for the 56th ICA Conference scheduled to take place in Singapore, 14th-16th of September, 2022!

During the upcoming conference, themed “Looking ahead to 2030; the digital playbook,” the ICA network of CIOs will be discussing topics that governments are called to address in ensuring robust digital governance. Some of the topics include:

  • People and Workforce Transformation Systems and preparing for the future of work;
  • Data Sovereignty and Cloud;
  • eID & eWallet;
  • Country Reports on Digital Identity: Self-sovereign identities, security, trust and international standards for interoperability;
  • Innovative Tech- AI & practical use cases;
  • Architecting platforms and systems for event driven services -Impact and strategy for technical debt and legacy systems | modernization;
  • GovTech Framework in global economies;
  • Real-Time Economy in the public sector.

The conference will be hybrid in order to enable our members to attend, if physical presence is not feasible. You can have a look at the full agenda at this link.

Be sure to register soon!

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore!

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