Mr. Yih-Jeao Wang

Yih-Jeao Wang

Head of the Director-General’s Secretariat, Ministry of Finance: Agency for Digitalisation, Denmark

Yih-Jeou Wang is Head of the Director-General’s Secretariat and is responsible for international co-operation at the Agency for Digitisation within the Danish Ministry of Finance. He returned to Danish civil service in 2010 after five years as Head of Unit in the OECD leading OECD’s activities in the area of ICT use in the public sector (e-government). He joined the OECD in 2005 from a position as Head of Division in the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency responsible for national and international ICT security policy. He has for a period of more than 20 years been responsible for policy and strategy development of Information Society and e-government in different ministries (Finance, Education and Research, and Science, Technology, and Innovation), and has in a short period worked as a senior adviser in the Confederation of Danish Industries responsible for the development of e-business policies and strategies for Danish industry. He has for more than 15 years been an external examiner at the IT University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School.

Mr. Wang will present “Are you satisfied with our services? The case of Payment Denmark - a shared service centre for public payments." "Payment Denmark is a shared service centre for public payments such as different types of social benefits and pensions. It services a large vulnerable segment of our population eligible. Payment Denmark is as such one of the key public service providers of digital services. Together with other public authorities, they provide public services made mandatory by law to use online. The presentation will take a closer look at the efforts done by the Danish public authorities to make digital service provision even more user-friendly and easily accessible to citizens - shifting the focus from single services to sets of services in life-events."