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October 2019

Hello Everyone

We welcome you to this special edition of our newsletter for the:

53rd ICA Conference
“Seamless Government-Anticipating Citizens’ Needs”

We hope you enjoy it!

The ICA Secretariat Team


The curtain came down on yet another successful ICA conference. The 53rd annual event, themed “Seamless government- anticipating citizens’ needs,” was hosted by the Romanian government and it gathered CIOs, International Organizations and experts from around the world to share knowledge and best practices on how to address citizen and business life events in the most inclusive, transparent, secure and fastest manner.

This Special Report brings you all the conference findings.
We hope you find it insightful!

Conference Report 2019


With this opportunity we extend a warm thank you once again to the Romanian CIO officer and newly appointed national representative to ICA, Marian Murgulet. His team and the supporting officers from ICI, led by Victor Vevera, made everyone feel welcome in the Romanian capital!


It goes without saying that this event was made possible with the ongoing commitment of our Board and Programme Committee members; while the contribution from UiPath who organized an experience valuable site visit and Red Hat who facilitated our Deep-dive sessions is greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, have a look at some of the special moments captured during the 23rd-26th of September event.
Finally, on the ICA national front, we’d like to welcome Uruguay as a new member to the ICA network of CIOs. The appointed national representative is José Clastornik, Chief Executive with the Agency for Electronic Government and the Information and Knowledge Society (Agesic) at the Office of the President; while the deputy national representative, whom we had the pleasure of meeting in Bucharest, is Javier Barreiro, CTO of Agesic.
And with this we bid goodbye for now, but before we go...
54th ICA Conference | Singapore
September 8th - 11th, 2020
Be “smart” and mark your calendar- we want to see you all there!