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ICA provides officials in member countries with a vehicle for addressing the key issues and emerging policies related to the development and implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in national governments.

ICA offers a unique international forum that has been supporting CIOs and senior managers in public administrations since 1968, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government administration and ICT. It is a peer-to-peer network that allows member countries to learn from and leverage the success of others. ICA takes an active stance in the future of ICT. In our interconnected world each of us must play a role in shaping the vision and collaborating across jurisdictions. The 21st Century is truly a time of opportunity for government as the global community becomes a reality.

Each year ICA's officers identify an issue of vital importance in the realization of its objectives as the theme for its Annual Conference.

For this year, a Golden anniversary one at that, ICA will look at ailoring digital government to improve citizen experience. What can agencies do to entice citizens to access available online government services? Are trust, satisfaction and loyalty the key elements to user experience (UX)? How can systems of engagement promote communication and attract citizens by providing better service access? What are the tools available in succeeding this? How can strategy, policy, and governance enable Digital Government? Creating trust in the virtual world-what are the ways for governments to achieve this? Are yesterday’s as well as today’s failures opening the doors to new solutions?

The role of the CIO in this leading digital transformation is ever evolving. This year’s conference will address tools and methodologies to look ahead and bring forth solutions and experiences to make citizen digital engagement not just an aspiration but a reality.

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