Public Governance for Inclusive Growth: Ministerial meeting

Hosted by the Government of Finland in Helsinki, the Ministerial (28 October) will provide an opportunity for Ministers to discuss the pursuit of inclusive growth ‒ policies that can generate growth and jobs, while ensuring that benefits are widely shared ‒ through a public governance angle.

eGovernment in the European Union

The ‪‎ISA‬ programme of the ‎European Commission has published the 2015 version of the eGovernment fact-sheet of the EU. This fact-sheet, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ‪‎eGovernment‬ activities in the ‪‎EU.

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Achieving & Sustaining Excellence in Public Services

Today, citizens (customers) have access to a wide array of products and services delivered consistently with a high level of service from the private sector, and they expect a similar level of service from the government.

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‪IoT‬ needs collaboration and ‪‎data‬ sharing, but ‪‎privacy‬ is still a red flag

Collaboration and data sharing will be vital in ensuring that the Internet of Things (IoT) develops in a way that can deliver real benefits in areas such as ‪‎smart cities, but this will also create major new privacy and data-sharing concerns.

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Intelligent Machines: Big data‬, machine learning and the future

Why ‪‎AI‬ is the next wave of disruptive technology‬. The technology is making its way into a broad range of industries from marketing with behavioural targeting, to ‪healthcare‬ with accurate and early detection of complex diseases, to infrastructure with smarter ‪urban‬ planning.

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How ‪big_data‬ can spot ‪unemployment‬ before the #‎government‬ can

Phone and social media data show behavioural changes long before official stats.

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