Conference Overview - Digital Government: Designing for the citizen experience


The 50th Golden Anniversary Conference brought together government CIOs and other relevant stakeholders from all around the world to Medellín, the second largest city of Colombia and capital of Antioquia.

At the center of all topics shined the CITIZEN; also referred to as customer nowadays and not by light reference since as all customers, citizens have expectations or better yet-demands.

A happy customer is a returning customer. So how do governments ensure that the services they provide answer to their citizens’ needs? How do governments manage the overwhelming amounts of data they posses while securing accurate cross-agency data exchange? How can this data be used to better provide service demands for healthcare, education, environment/climate and agriculture to name a few? Can cooperation between public and government sector provide the digital key to the solution?

As a member, login to our website under resources and conferences and access the conference presentations that showcase a number of governments’ digital transformation strategies aiming to make the citizen experience a rewarding one!

special noteA special note of thanks is extended to the past ICA members who honored us with their virtual presence during the Golden Anniversary session.

Ann Steward, Nachman Oron and Peter Hearson joined this special presentation by Larry Caffrey, taking members and conference attendees on a “Trip through Time.”

rememberFinally, as the Deputy National of Colombia, Jorge Bejarano, would say “Por favor no olvide las evaluaciones!” Therefore, a kind reminder to all 50th ICA Conference participants- your opinion matters! We ask that you check out the Conference Evaluation Forms and complete the ones you didn’t have time to address in Medellín -these will be available until December 11th.