Inside Finland’s digital revolution

Finland's National Representave to ICA, Anna-Maija Karjalainen, in an exclusive interview with GovInsider shares Finland’s focus on AI; why it has reformed its digital identity vision; and how it is pioneering services for marginalised residents, including asylum seekers and the elderly.

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How is the Digital Revolution shaping Government Administration & what will the revolutionising AI era bring with it?

The Finnish Ministry of Finance organized the 52nd ICA Conference in Helsinki during 3 - 6 September.

52nd Conference in Review: Transforming Nations | from e to d to AI

The 3rd -6th of September saw yet another successful ICA Conference event take place, this time in Helsinki, Finland.

USCC has opened registration for The Cyber Quests competition!

USCC has opened registration for The Cyber Quests competition which has proven beneficial in the U.S. at identifying cybersecurity talent, increasing cyber skills, creating a network of cyber enthusiasts, and placing the top scorers in Cyber Camps hosted by colleges and universities (open only to US citizens). For further information on the USCC, go to

How Blockchain Is Kickstarting the Financial Lives of Refugees in Finland

The technology helps unbanked asylum seekers advance because what is typically keeping them from getting bank accounts and jobs is that they are missing a form of strongly authenticated identity.

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