49th ICA Conference: “Unleashing mobile government-addressing societal challenges”

Over 25 countries and organizations attended this year’s conference which took place in Stockholm, Sweden from the 6th-9th of September.

The response to the topics and issues addressed was overwhelming, as the presentations were immaculately prepared and warmly accepted by all who participated to the conference. The topics sparked further discussions among panelists and the audience, raising further awareness to and means for solutions on cybersecurity, mGovernment, strategy & change management and government analytics from big data through a citizen centric spectrum.

Pan-government platform powers data-driven decision making

Statistics New Zealand's Integrated Data Infrastructure delivers anonymised data to boost policy research and individual life choices. The immense amount of data governments collect every day is enormously useful and valuable, but it is also mostly siloed and inaccessible even to those that own and manage it.

If the government owners of data can't use it effectively, what hope have citizens who may want to use it to inform their own life choices?

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Global Mobile Subscribers Surpass 7 Billion

New data from TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database reveal that global mobile subscribers have reached 7.1 billion, up from just seven million in 1989, and that the number of mobile lines in service will surpass the world’s population later this year. Even so, regional differences in wireless penetration and subscriber composition leave significant opportunity for growth in some areas.

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Public Open Data

Understanding how public open data — data generated by or in connection with government programs that are available for release to the public — move from government agencies to the public via several different participants and channels.

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Public Governance for Inclusive Growth: Ministerial meeting

Hosted by the Government of Finland in Helsinki, the Ministerial (28 October) will provide an opportunity for Ministers to discuss the pursuit of inclusive growth ‒ policies that can generate growth and jobs, while ensuring that benefits are widely shared ‒ through a public governance angle.

eGovernment in the European Union

The ‪‎ISA‬ programme of the ‎European Commission has published the 2015 version of the eGovernment fact-sheet of the EU. This fact-sheet, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ‪‎eGovernment‬ activities in the ‪‎EU.

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