As an ICA member you enjoy access to valuable information resources, global networking possibilities and much more. Here are some main benefits to ICA members:

Annual conference: provides members an opportunity to learn about newest ICT trends in governments around the world. The round tables, affinity groups and panel sessions allow members to report on major events related to IT management in their country and to receive instant feedback from colleagues.

Study groups: ICA-sponsored Study Groups provide valuable experience in working with colleagues with different cultures on practical issues of common infrastructure and policy.

Networking: ICA is an informal forum with extensive possibilities to network and share ideas as well as to establish contacts with fellow colleagues in governments from all over the world.

Access to information resources: the organisation provides access to most recent and relevant information resources on ICT developments in the governments. As a member you will have access to a ‘Member’s area’ on the ICA website, whereyou can find information resources from past conferences (country reports, presentations, workshop reports, etc.), study group reports, and most recent publications by our experts. Moreover you will also be able to access contact details of fellow peers from around the world.

Country reports are one of the most important benefits that ICA offers to its member countries. The collection of statistics, trends, insights and analysis in these reports and the summary report published each year differentiates ICA from other international organizations, as this well rounded information is not available anywhere else. Country reports offer an invaluable perspective on the status of ICT in government and insights into common areas of national concern.

Members are given the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices, discuss andreceive feedback from other members. Together we look ahead of changes and thus create a sustainable value for our current and future members.

As a new member of ICA, I find the ICA members eager to share and learn from each other. The conference opened my eyes to the interesting work taking place around the world and I am able to leverage the information and connections throughout the year!

Akerley, Mrs. Marj
Chief Information Officer
Department of Justice Canada

ICA for me is about perspective. As we go about our daily professional lives as governmental CIO's we are convinced that the universe rotates only around our challenges and issues. ICA puts my concerns in the right context with a worldwide perspective. This clarity comes from a joint contribution from all the members from all over the world. Exchanging ideas and know-how on newest IT trends is ICA's great advantage.

Our informal forum provides possibility to network and share ideas with fellow colleagues in the governments all over the world.

Broner, Mr. Shimon
Past Chair
Chief Information Officer
Israel Ministry of Law

I get access to first-hand knowledge on state-of-the-art eGovernment around the world. Being a member gives me excellent networks outside Europe. It’s an informal “whats-on” for eGov.

Enzell, Mr. Magnus
Senior Adviser
Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and ICT

There is a wonderful sense of community, friendship and a pool of invaluable technological knowledge applied to government operations that all members can benefit. The ICA annual conference is fantastic and the periodic updates and news are just as esteemed.

Koulolias, Mr. Vasilis
Director of eGovlab

ICA, for me, provides a worldwide group of peers with whom I can discuss in an informal manner common public sector concerns, challenges and market tendencies while in total confidence. We talk a lot about technology, eGovernment and eGovernance. Being part of Europe, I have a lot of opportunities to sit together with other EU Member States. Here I get a network of EU and non-EU colleagues that are eager to learn from each other. The concentration of competence is absolutely exceptional!

I call ICA my “red phone connection”.

Leyman, Mr. Frank
ICA Senior Advisor - Europe
Manager, International Relations - FEDICT

ICA effectively gets me connected to Government CIOs at a level of intimacy that is unique from any other forums – I know that I get the “real deal”. I have always relished ICA’s annual conference and the annual Country Reports from member countries – they are always rich with pertinent and practicable content.

Yew, Mr. Joseph
Chief Information Officer
Singapore Ministry of Law