PART I | "Cross-border Cooperation"

“COVID-19 Digital Response Collaboration” ICA Webinar Series

Monday April 27th, 2020

PART I | "Cross-border Cooperation"
14:00 CET

Opening & Welcome

Webinar Coordinator: Vasilis Koulolias
Welcome: Juhani Korhonen

14:05 CET

Objectives of the COVID -19 Special Session Series (Webinar)

Vasilis Koulolias

14:15 CET

Member States Respond to COVID-19:
What have we developed as members to fight the pandemic?

Moderator: Frank Leyman

Presentations: Belgium, EC, Estonia, Israel, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan

15:05 CET

Discussion on the Way Forward:
Working together – fortifying towards the second wave.

Moderator: Cheow Hoe Chan

15:55 CET

Wrap-Up and action points

Vasilis Koulolias

16:00 CET

End of Special Session