55th ICA Conference

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“Testing and learning” was the pace-mode set for most societies around the globe, within this past year. The one outcome which proved certain, was teaming up to overcome the challenges. Over the years, The International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA), has provided a forum for discussion through the ICA annual event for its members to share knowledge and to report on lessons learnt when it comes to bringing our government services to our citizens’ door, especially when at times, going out the door was not an option.

The 55th ICA Conference will take place virtually on the 29th and 30th of September and planned so that colleagues from different parts of the world will have the opportunity to join in.

This year’s theme is: The New Normal: " A radical leap to digital, one giant step for digital society.” Our panels of experts will look at ways we can operate in the new normal, while ensuring a strong and secure digital infrastructure, not only in terms of technological means but also in terms of human resourcing and training. How do we make sure no one left behind when it comes to local and regional agreements aligning with international policies and discussions in order to self-organise communities digitally? The new norm calls for more remote digital services and we need to provide the secure environment for both the citizen and the government. Bringing government to the cloud may be more relevant now than ever- looking at lessons learnt and debunking myths. And as the borders open, how effective are the Digital Health Certificates and what are the lessons learnt so far?

We will be providing more information on this year’s agenda in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, be sure to mark your calendar for joining the ICA international forum!

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