Innovative Government – Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future - Taipei, Taiwan 12th-14th October, 2011

The availability of rapidly evolving technologies and the constraints of tight budgets make it both possible and essential for governments everywhere to discover, develop and adopt innovations wherever they can. They must move quickly, take chances, and learn from their own and others’ experiences both success and failures. Governments must be mindful of the catchphrase “innovate or die,” once addressed to dotcom entrepreneurs, but now very much applicable to all players in the global economy.

In this conference, ICA will bring together the international IT community to identify and share innovative technologies and techniques to help governments more efficiently deliver a better citizen experience and a more effective government.

Topics include:

  • Panel discussions that give delegates a look of what has worked in the past, innovative service deliveries currently being used by various governments around the world and a look at the workspace of the future – social media and instant messaging, cloud computing, economic savings as a result of IT implementations, and the challenges of cyber-security to e-Government.
  • Technology Vignettes bring delegates a showcase of innovative and emerging technologies in Government. We aim to stir the imagination of the audience by showing some exciting usage scenarios of leading edge technologies, or even technologies still in research labs today.
  • Breakout sessions will give delegate a look back to achievements in the IT field over the past 50 years and a discussion on how emerging technologies can create an open government (transparent, participatory and collaborative), transform service delivery to the citizens, and create operational efficiencies.
  • Country Reports and the discussions on those reports, compiled by ICA National Representatives. The reports cover major strategic, business, innovative and technological activities within each country. These Round Table discussions fulfill a major goal of ICA - to promote and facilitate the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on all aspects of Information Technology.