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Country reports are one of the most important products ICA provides for its member countries. They offer immense value, provoking great discussions at ICA conferences and offering information and learning opportunities for our members. All of the respondents to our ICA member survey said the country reports were useful to them; 80% found the country report process to be effective as well.

They are unique and differentiate ICA from other international organizations. The collection of statistics, trends, insights and analysis in these reports, and the summary report we publish each year, are not available in one place anywhere else. They afford ICA members an invaluable perspective on the status of ICT in government and insights into common areas of national concern.

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Study groups analyse, in greater depth, the subjects of particular interest to member countries. The study group prepares a formal report, describing the results of research conducted across the member countries, including findings and recommendations, and is presented during the annual conference. Please find a list of the study group reports below.