Spain’s new eInvoice tool handles over a million invoices

Spain‬’s central eInvoicing solution (‪FACe‬), which began operating in January, has already processed more than 1,2 million invoices, reports CTT, (Centro de Transferencia de Technologica) a centre for ‪technology‬ transfer.

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Open Date Barometer report - January 2015

As the UN leads a conversation on the need for a Data Revolution to support the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, our research highlights the lack of open and accessible data on the performance of key public services. If the political and social impacts of open data are to be realised, work to increase the supply of datasets from right across government will be needed, alongside sustained investment in capacity building, training and support for effective data use.

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ENISA Cloud Certification Schemes Metaframework

ENISA launches CCSM, the "Cloud Certification Schemes Metaframework". CCSM is a metaframework, which maps detailed security requirements used in the public sector to describe security objectives in existing cloud certification schemes. The goal of CCSM is to provide more transparency about certification schemes and to help customers with procurement of cloud computing services.

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Bug-free Health Care?

With a system as complex as the federal marketplace, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services should have taken more care in its IT planning and procurement efforts leading up to what would be a costly and bug-ridden 2013 launch, according to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

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You can now see analytics for U.S. government websites

The ‪‎White House‬ and ‪‎GSA‬ have announced the release of a new ‎Digital‬ Analytics ‪‎Dashboard‬, which brings the power and insight of our Digital ‪‎Analytics‬ Program (‪‎DAP‬) to the public. It shows in real-time how people are engaging with government on-line, and provides visibility into the web sites and services being used. Agencies have had access to this valuable performance data since the program's launch in FY13; the pubic facing Dashboard was recently developed by a joint team of OCSI,18F and USDS.

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Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter on The Role of the Government CIO

The long-awaited Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter on The Role of the Government CIO is now available from the GSA Office of Citizen Services and Communications.

This edition presents the views of 17 individuals who understand the role of the CIO in 21st century government. They are the IT leaders of nations, states, federal agencies, and municipalities and thought leaders who have worked with CIOs and who have seen how important effective IT is to modern governing.