'‎E-agriculture' could save EU farmers time and money

The introduction of new ‎information and communications ‪technologies in the ‎EU ‪‎agricultural sector could significantly contribute to its future sustainability, as well as the quality of life for farmers and consumers.

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Snail mail or sMail soon to be a term of the past

A trial said to be a world-first to use a drone to deliver mail has been completed by SingPost and the the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

E-Leaders' Statement on “fostering a data-driven public sector”

The OECD “E-Leaders", the eminent group of senior officials heading national digital government agendas, including a number of ICA members, gathered in Tokyo, Japan on 29-30 September 2015, to discuss the critical role of digital technologies and #data for more inclusive and sustainable growth. With the increasing globalisation of ICT challenges, the presence at the meeting of experts from APEC who supported a broad exchange of views and good practices added great value.

ISA's eGovernment solutions for public administrations

The ISA programme of the European Commission has recently published more than 20 eGovernment solutions for public administrations.

The solutions are available free of charge, and many of them are open source. They can be implemented by any interested Public administration at European, national, regional or even local level. Further solutions will become available soon.

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OECD: ‘Treat ‪‎cyber‬ ‎security‬ as an economic issue.’

Governments should treat cyber security as an economic rather than technology issue, and coordinate policy across the whole of government, according to a new OECD report.

49th ICA Conference: “Unleashing mobile government-addressing societal challenges”

Over 25 countries and organizations attended this year’s conference which took place in Stockholm, Sweden from the 6th-9th of September.

The response to the topics and issues addressed was overwhelming, as the presentations were immaculately prepared and warmly accepted by all who participated to the conference. The topics sparked further discussions among panelists and the audience, raising further awareness to and means for solutions on cybersecurity, mGovernment, strategy & change management and government analytics from big data through a citizen centric spectrum.