E-Leaders' Statement on “fostering a data-driven public sector”

The OECD “E-Leaders", the eminent group of senior officials heading national digital government agendas, including a number of ICA members, gathered in Tokyo, Japan on 29-30 September 2015, to discuss the critical role of digital technologies and #data for more inclusive and sustainable growth. With the increasing globalisation of ICT challenges, the presence at the meeting of experts from APEC who supported a broad exchange of views and good practices added great value.

As a result of the meeting, the E-Leaders’ Statement on “fostering a data-driven public sector” has been published to reflect the comments made during the final session.

This Statement will provide an important input into discussions at the Public Governance Ministerial Meeting, taking place on October 28 in Helsinki (Finland), and will highlight the relevance of “data-driven public sectors” to drive productivity and foster inclusive growth.

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