National Front


Many updates to note on our National Representative front-once again, we have new members joining us with Mr. Lars Petersen and Yih-Jeou Wang as National and Deputy National respectively for the country of Denmark.

Ms. Anna-Maíja Karjalainen is the newly appointed National Representative for Finland; while Mr. Osamu Kitagawa will be representing Japan as a National.

Mr. Rogelio Tejada will hold the Deputy National post for Mexico and Mr. Lourino Chemane will be serving as the National Representative for Mozambique.

Portugal is represented by Mr. Pedro Dias as National and returning Deputy National, Ms. Cláudia Barroso.

Finally the Republic of Korea has updated their assignment posts with Mr. In-jae Lee stepping in as National and Mr. Kibyoung Kim assuming the Deputy National role.

For a complete look at the National delegations please visit our National Representatives page.