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Emerging Leaders 2022

Combating Misinformation: An Ecosystem in Co-creation

Combating Misinformation: An Ecosystem in Co-creation
Today’s large flows of information create new challenges for government administrations. Digital disruption through misinformation, the main challenges and potential solutions for governments and citizens are examined in this report by ICA, eGovlab of Stockholm University, the Open University in UK and the OECD.

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OECD and ICA bringing knowledge and experience through dialogue

isaOver 40 participants from 23 countries took part in the webinar themed “Delivering an Improved Citizen Experience through User-Driven Design Approaches.”

It was a great and fruitful opportunity for exchange of views and practices.

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Snail mail or sMail soon to be a term of the past

A trial said to be a world-first to use a drone to deliver mail has been completed by SingPost and the the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

While mail delivery by ‪drones‬ has been tested previously, the @singpost trial is understood to be the first time a ‪‎postal‬ service has successfully used a drone to deliver mail with authentication by the recipient.


The ‪‎drone‬ trial flight was made possible with permissions and cooperation from ‪‎Ministry‬ of Transport, Singapore, ‪‎Maritime‬ and Port Authority of Singapore - MPA, The Republic of Singapore Air Force, Singapore Police Force and CAAS.

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ICA Members

ICA’s current membership has representation from the following nations and organizations: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Japan, Moldova, Mozambique, OECD, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, The Netherlands, The World Bank, and Uruguay.

Chairpersons from over fifteen different countries have inspired, led and managed ICA for various durations since its inception.

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